Flag Song

A multimedia madhouse where two good Christian homemakers try to save the world from sin but succumb to carnal desire.


A virtual/actual comic swirl of characters trying desperately to reach some elusive media-driven version of American nirvana.

Real Realism-Jim-and-Jennifer

An epic tragi-comedy referencing string theory, Freudian angst, and the phenomenally short 21st century American attention span.

sweet disaster
A post 9/11 multimedia stage work incorporating the late David Hopkins’ animated film series in a paean to the catastrophic and the ridiculous.
George W. Bush

An absurdist collage of letters to W. with a full-screen backdrop of television weather reports, Today Show excerpts, and other pop culture Americana.


A madcap, operatic satire of corporate America, complete with sadomasochistic virtual sex, hostile takeovers, and cannibalistic employees.

spell song

A tragi-parody of Romantic love, Genesis, and The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, as told by a contemporary African Griot on a New York City sidewalk.

Ceci n’est pas une Pièce

A tragi-comic collage, including: Mme Etiquette, Jacques Derrida, God, Handwriting Expert, and 19th century French poet Gérard de Nerval.

These Four Walls

A horror/fairytale of an all-American Christian family bent on killing their children to save them from the path to hell.